The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila, E. Allison Peers PDF

By St. Teresa of Avila, E. Allison Peers

ISBN-10: 0385065396

ISBN-13: 9780385065399

A advisor to residing through the nice truths of Christianity--the easiest and such a lot useful paintings of Teresa of Avila.

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A consultant to dwelling via the good truths of Christianity--the least difficult and such a lot sensible paintings of Teresa of Avila.

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And how easy is this for His Majesty, Who made us out of nothing at all! It is also a very clear sign of love to try to spare others household work by taking it upon oneself and also to rejoice and give great praise to the Lord if you see any increase in their virtues. All such things, quite apart from the intrinsic good they bring, add greatly to the peace and concord which we have among ourselves, as, through the goodness of God, We can now see by experience. May His Majesty be pleased ever to increase it, for it would be terrible if it did not exist, and very awkward if, when there are so few of us, we got on badly together.

There is nothing that suggests itself to them which they will not willingly do for the good of that soul since they desire their love for it to be lasting, and they know quite well that that is impossible unless the loved one has certain good qualities and a great love for God. I really mean that it is impossible, however great their obligations and even if that soul were to die for love of them and do them all the kind actions in its power; even had it all the natural graces joined in one, their wills would not have strength enough to love it nor would they remain fixed upon it.

Certainly they care little about having this affection. They may from time to time experience a natural and momentary pleasure at being loved; yet, as soon as they return to their normal condition, they realize that such pleasure is folly save when the persons concerned can benefit their souls, either by instruction or by prayer. Any other kind of affection wearies them, for they know it can bring them no profit and may well do them harm; none the less they are grateful for it and recompense it by commending those who love them to God.

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The Way of Perfection by St. Teresa of Avila, E. Allison Peers

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