Rolf Isermann's Fault-Diagnosis Systems: An Introduction from Fault PDF

By Rolf Isermann

ISBN-10: 3540241124

ISBN-13: 9783540241126

ISBN-10: 3540303685

ISBN-13: 9783540303688

Supervision, health-monitoring, fault detection, fault prognosis and fault administration play an expanding function for technical procedures and autos, with a purpose to increase reliability, availability, upkeep and life-time. For safety-related methods fault-tolerant structures with redundancy are required with the intention to succeed in entire approach integrity.

This ebook offers an creation into the sector of fault detection, fault prognosis and fault-tolerant structures with equipment that have confirmed their functionality in sensible purposes. It publications the reader in a established instructional style:

  • supervision tools, reliability, defense, approach integrity and similar terminology;
  • fault detection with signal-based tools for periodic and stochastic signals;
  • fault detection with method model-based equipment like parameter estimation, country estimation, parity equations and relevant part analysis;
  • fault prognosis with type and inference methods;
  • fault-tolerant structures with and analytical redundancy;
  • many useful simulation examples and experimental effects for tactics like electric automobiles, pumps, actuators, sensors and automobile components;
  • end-of-chapter workouts for self trying out or for practice.

The publication is devoted to graduate scholars of electric, mechanical, chemical engineering and desktop technological know-how and for practicing engineers.

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Supervision, health-monitoring, fault detection, fault prognosis and fault administration play an expanding function for technical techniques and autos, so as to enhance reliability, availability, upkeep and life-time. For safety-related procedures fault-tolerant platforms with redundancy are required as a way to succeed in accomplished procedure integrity.

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