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By Spencer Westwood

Hidden brain secrets and techniques of guitar enjoying published! the right way to use Nlp/Dhe strategies, speeded up studying and useful strategies to enhance your Guitar taking part in abilities

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Would it be useful to find out your own patterns and strategies? Would it be useful to know some of the patterns other people use (they can be different and often are for complex activities)? If you know what the simplest pattern for playing guitar is, and you know how to work out what your own pattern is - and they don’t match you can retrain your mind to use a different pattern. Often this ‘mental shift’ is all that is required to make a dramatic improvement to your playing skill. Think about it, what is your preferred sense?

I’m not personally sure what causes it – some people reckon it’s because we are ridiculed at school for standing out of the crowd – both by teachers and by other pupils. Some people reckon it’s a built in fear (it isn’t trust me it’s learned). It’s compounded by the fact that we all have to stand up in class and read out stuff – with our peers taking great pleasure in watching us fall. One of the problems is that just before we do a performance, our body starts to ready itself. We get a boost of adrenalin and our heart rate goes up.

Notice how moving one finger affects the rest. Notice how your fingers support each other as you play. Stop the recorder, rewind it and listen back to your playing from start to finish. com Neat huh? Did you notice the subtle change in your playing, depending on what you focused on? I like the book, but other people when they experience the mental state that Timothy is describing, quickly recognise it as a light trance state. There are other ways of learning how to achieve that state at will and I’ll cover them in later chapters.

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