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By Jan Sovak

ISBN-10: 0486405680

ISBN-13: 9780486405681

" Книга посвящена forty five увлекательным существам,которые предшествовали известным динозаврамUnique coloring ebook specializes in forty five interesting creatures that predated the well known dinosaurs. Finely special illustrations depict such bold creatures as nothosaur, a narrow 10-foot-long animal that lived on land and within the sea; edaphosaurus, a wide herbivorous reptile with an excellent sail on its again; and forty three different striking animals. Fact-filled captions determine topics portrayed in lifelike habitats."

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H. The inner bark of the mulberry tree was pounded and made into cloth called kapa or tapa. i. Using the pictures of the birds, the sun, and stars, show the students how these were used to guide the Polynesians as they sailed. j. Charts of wind and ocean currents were made with natural objects the Polynesians found around them. k. Clam shells were used as tools. l. The Polynesians built special canoes called catamarans for long voyages. They made them of two canoes placed side by side, a platform built over both, and a hut placed on the platform.

A Little Grass Shack" and "Kona Kai Opua I Ka Lai" Purposes: 1. To study the music and dances from another part of our country. 2. To participate in musical activities associated with Hawaii. Materials: Bowmar album Dances of Hawaii (see bibliography). Bamboo sticks Green crepe paper to make hula skirts Masking tape Ball of string Procedures: 1. " Page 24 2. Talk about the meanings of the hand motions in the song. Relate this to other gestures we make that have meaning, for example: smiling and frowning, waving hello, good-bye, or come here.

To associate learnings with the islands of Hawaii. Materials: Sample of volcanic rock or lava stone (if available) Globe of the world and map of United States or world Dishpan or tray Empty juice or soup can 1 cup of water 3/4 cup of vinegar 1/2 cup dishwashing liquid A few drops of red and yellow food coloring 1/4 cup baking soda Sand or instant papier-mâhé mix Books about volcanoes and islands (see bibliography) Procedures: 1. Look at the globe or map. Call attention to various landforms and focus on those called islands.

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