Download e-book for kindle: Basic College Mathematics by John Tobey; Jeffrey Slater

By John Tobey; Jeffrey Slater

ISBN-10: 0130909548

ISBN-13: 9780130909541

ISBN-10: 0130932299

ISBN-13: 9780130932297

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Side? **ยป4fc 53. Answer using the information in the following -^ Western University expense chart for the current academic year. How much is Western University Yearly Expenses In-State Student. Out-of-State Student. S. S. S. citizen? (b) an in-state US. citizen? (c) a foreign student? (a) To Think About In exercises 54-55, add. 54. 2,368,521,788 55. 89 + 5,721,368,701 + 4,027,399,206 + 166 + 23 + 45 + 72 + 190 + 203 + 77 + 18 + 93 + 46 + 73 + 66 Section 56. What would happen if addition were not 57.

25. 26. Find the cost to install carpet in a circular area with a radius of 5 yards at a cost of $35 per square yard. 26. 27. In a right triangle the longest side meters. What is is 15 meters and the shortest side is 9 tank that is the length of the other side of the triangle? 27. 28. How many pounds of fertilizer can be placed in a cylindrical tall and has a radius of 5 feet 70 pounds? 4 feet 28. XXXII if one cubic foot of fertilizer weighs 29. Chapter 8 The following double bar graph indicates the sale of Dodge Neons for Westover County as reported by the district sales managers.

3. Putting Your Skills to lem daily life. Work problems. In each chapter are unique prob- some mathematical aspect of You will be asked to extend your knowledge, do some creative sets that ask you to analyze in depth and work in small groups in a cooperative learning situation. You will even have a chance to explore some Web sites and see how the Internet can assist you in learning. These sections will awaken some new interests and help you to develop the critical thinking skills so necessary both in college and after you graduate.

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