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By Laurence A. Turner

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The 4 narrative blocks which include Genesis are prefaced by means of statements ('Announcements') which recommend ways that the resultant tales are inclined to enhance. the writer concludes that the 'Announcements' impact their narratives in lots of other ways and they are deceptive symptoms of the way plots will boost. Genesis is extra involved to offer the ironies of human rationale and divine windfall than to recount the figuring out of any pre-ordained plan on God's half. This unique and fresh monograph, written in a energetic variety, is bound to change the way in which readers have in mind the Genesis tales.

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E. *by you shall all the families of the earth be blessed', or reflexively, *by you shall all the families of the earth bless themselves'. 1-3 an understanding of the precise intention of the term could have 'Noah and Israel', p. 14acc', p. 247; Dumbrell, 'Covenant with Abraham', pp. 42-43. Cf. Coats, Genesis, p. 108; Yarchin, 'Imperative and Promise', p. 171; Chew, 'Blessing for the Nations', p. 167. 1 Terrien, Elusive Presence, p. 74. 2 Cf. Driver, Tenses, p. 64; Joiion, Grammaire, pp. 314-15 (who notes other possibilities); Davidson, Hebrew Grammar, p.

3 Petersen, 'Yahwist on the Flood', p. 442. 4 Westermann, Genesis 1-11, p. 445. e. 17 still holds—but it will not be added to. 6 As seen also by Gros Louis, 'Genesis 3-11', p. 47. 1 may not be significant. 17, receive no blessing/imperative at all in ch. 1. 2 1. The Primaeval History 41 reaffirmed afresh'1 (emphasis mine). 17-19 remains, this task of subjugation will be impossible. ) does not negate this point. 2 If anything, his drunken stupor induced by drinking the produce of the earth could indicate that the earth still has the upper hand.

1 Physical conditions are such that human subjugation of the earth is rendered impossible. In fact the reverse situation prevails, with the earth threatening to subdue humans. In this it is largely successful; only Noah and his family escape annihilation. Here we can see an intensification of the alienation of humans from the earth. With the Man in the Garden, the earth was cursed, resulting in the frustrations of working with the soil; with Cain, the earth would not give its strength and he was banished from the 1 Cf.

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