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By Duane A. Garrett

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This 3rd quantity within the Baylor instruction manual at the Hebrew Bible sequence presents professional, complete counsel in answering major questions on the Hebrew textual content. whereas reflecting the newest advances in scholarship on Hebrew grammar and linguistics, the paintings makes use of a mode that's lucid adequate to function an invaluable agent for instructing and self-study.

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Moab, located east of the Jordan and north of Edom, is accused of violence toward its southern neighbor. Line Ab: The colon-marker is athnach and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 2 constituents, and 2 units. indd 47 6/6/08 2:24:38 PM 48 fix. Amos 2:1 ‫ל־א ְר ָּב ָ ֖עה‬ ַ ‫וְ ַע‬. Prepositional phrase with ‫ ַעל‬used causally. ‫ ֣ל ֹא ֲא ִׁש ֶיבּ֑נּו‬. Negated hiphil yiqtol 1 c s of ‫ שׁוּב‬with 3 m s suf- Line Ac: The colon-marker is silluq and the constraints are: 1 predicator, 3 constituents, and 5 units.

In this case, the act of attacking villages and taking people to sell into slavery is made all the more heinous by the fact that the peoples they attacked were treaty-allies and thus should have been under their protection. ‫וְ ֥ל ֹא זָ ְכ ֖רּו‬. Negated qal qatal 3 c p of ‫זכר‬. , for abiding by the terms of) a covenant, as in Genesis 9:15 and Exodus 2:24. ‫ ְּב ִ ֥רית ַא ִ ֽחים‬. A construct chain serving as the direct object. The covenant alluded to here may be the treaty relations between Israel and Tyre.

The verb, with the direct object ‫ ִיָדי‬and the preposition ‫ ַעל‬, means, “I will send back my hand against” (see Isa 1:25). Elsewhere in Amos 1–2, the hiphil of ‫ שּׁוב‬means to “revoke” a judgment. ‫ ִ ֜יָדי‬. The direct object. ‫ל־ע ְק ֗רֹון‬ ֶ ‫ ַע‬. Prepositional phrase with ‫ ַעל‬. Ekron was located more toward the interior and further from the coast, making it a border city between Judah and Philistia. Currently identified at Tel Miqne, it, too, came under Assyrian domination in the late eighth century.

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