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By Cynthia Y. Young

ISBN-10: 0470648031

ISBN-13: 9780470648032

The recent third version of Cynthia Young's Algebra & Trigonometry keeps to bridge the space among in-class paintings and homework through supporting readers conquer universal studying limitations and construct self belief of their skill to do mathematics.  The textual content gains actually detailed, powerful pedagogy and is written in a transparent, unmarried voice that speaks on to scholars and mirrors how teachers speak in lectures.  during this revision, younger allows readers to develop into self sustaining, winning novices through together with 1000s of extra workouts, extra possibilities to take advantage of know-how, and a brand new themed modeling venture that empowers them to use what they've got realized within the school room to the realm open air the classroom.  The seamlessly built-in electronic and print assets to accompany Algebra & Trigonometry 3e offer extra instruments to aid clients adventure luck.

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Simplify radicals. Write complex numbers in standard form. 1 REAL NUMBERS S K I LLS O BJ E CTIVE S ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ C O N C E P TUAL O BJ E CTIVE S Classify real numbers as rational or irrational. Round or truncate real numbers. Simplify expressions using correct order of operations. Evaluate algebraic expressions. Apply properties of real numbers. ■ ■ Understand that rational and irrational numbers are mutually exclusive and complementary subsets of real numbers. Learn the order of operations for real numbers.

Q Use the quotient property. 1 = - x8 y3 2 6 11 This is incorrect. What mistake was made? This is incorrect. What mistake was made? ■ 3 Group like factors together. CONCEPTUAL In Exercises 77–80, determine whether each of the following statements is true or false. 77. Ϫ2 ϭ (Ϫ2) , if n is an integer. n n 83. Ϫa2 ϩ 2ab for a ϭ Ϫ2, b ϭ 3 84. 2a3 Ϫ 7a2 for a ϭ 4 78. Any nonzero real number raised to the zero power is one. n+1 79. In Exercises 83–86, evaluate the expression for the given value. x = x for x ϭ any real number.

Group constant terms and x terms. = a -8 x3 y6 ba 2 ba 6 b -36 x z Apply the quotient property. = a y6 8 b(x 3 - 2)a 6 b 36 z Simplify. = ■ YO U R T U R N -36x2 z6 2xy6 9z6 Simplify the exponential expression and express it in terms of positive exponents (tv2) -3 (2t4 v3) -1 . Scientific Notation You are already familiar with base 10 raised to positive-integer powers. However, it can be inconvenient to write all the zeros out, so we give certain powers of 10 particular names: thousand, million, billion, trillion, and so on.

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