Aldous Huxley's After Many a Summer Dies the Swan PDF

By Aldous Huxley

ISBN-10: 1566630185

ISBN-13: 9781566630184

A Hollywood millionaire with a fear of loss of life, whose own general practitioner occurs to be engaged on a idea of longevity-these are the weather of Aldous Huxley's caustic and pleasing satire on man's wish to stay indefinitely. together with his normal wit and highbrow sophistication, Huxley pursues his characters of their quest for the everlasting, completing on a notice of horror. "This is Mr. Huxley's Hollywood novel, and also you may anticipate it to be tremendous, extravagant, loopy and preposterous. it's all that, and heaven and hell too....It is the type of novel that he's rather the grasp of, the place the main awesome and fortuitous occasions are by means of contemplative little essays at the that means of life....The tale is outrageously good."—New York Times. "A hugely sensational plot that would continue stunning you to virtually the ultimate sentence."—The New Yorker. "Mr. Huxley's based mockery, his merciless aptness of word, the revelations and the creative surprises he springs at the reader are these of a grasp craftsman; Mr. Huxley is on the most sensible of his form." —London Times Literary Supplement.

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