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This normal grammar ebook of biblical Aramaic, utilized by scholars at many seminaries and universities, is the one one to incorporate graded workouts on the shut of every of its twenty classes.

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Pi. 9 (f- P'- active or passive) In the regular (strong) verbs of BA, there is only one example of the Aphel (the Aphel occurs more frequently among the weak verbs). It is a Participle — masculine singular active: V-Bt^a [with the variant VsiPa]. Even so, the example is somewhat doubtful, for the root VSE? appears elsewhere in the Haphel, rather than in the Aphel. 6. The Shaphel: Far more rare in BA than either the Haphel or the Aphel is the shin causative, the Shaphel. The few occurrences of the Shaphel may be regarded as remnants of a n older conjugation.

If it is noted t h a t a nun may (or may not) be assimilated, and that all short vowels become pathah before a final laryngeal (see I J), then those few occurrences of verbs in this class are amply explained. 4. Pe Yodh Verbs {Including Pe Waw): These are really two distinct classes, b u t are distinguishable from each other only in the Haphel. In this connection it should be remembered that an initial waw becomes a yodh (see I 6). Irregularities occur when the yodh (or waw) comes a t the end of a syllable.

W h a t e v e r " is less frequently expressed in BA by either na or n alone. The interrogative n a is also frequently compounded with various prepositions: n a ? " h o w ! " na"? "for what p u r p o s e ? " " w h y ? " and na-Vx? " " w h y ? " 5. Indefinite Pronouns: Besides the indefinite relative pronouns discussed above, there are other indefinite pronouns in BA: (A) The idea of " o n e a n o t h e r " is expressed in BA by the repetition of the demonstrative: n n - D » n n " w i t h one a n o t h e r " (Dan.

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