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By Harold Rabinowitz, Rob Kaplan

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"When i've got a bit cash, i purchase books. And if any is left, i purchase nutrients and clothing." - Desiderius Erasmus those that percentage Erasmus

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5] B. M. Reg. I. E vi. may be a part of the Gregorian Bible, or the second copy of the Gospels mentioned above, if this second copy is not Corpus Christi, Camb. 286. Corpus C. 286 is a seventh century book, certainly from St. Augustine's; it was probably brought to England in the time of Theodore, and though it may be one of the books referred to above, is, therefore, not Augustinian. The Psalter bearing the silver images is "most likely" Cott. Vesp. A. —James, lxvi. No further hint of books occurs until Theodore became Archbishop more than seventy years later.

It seemed possible to throw a useful sidelight on literary history, and to introduce some human interest into the study of bibliography, if the place held by books in the life of the Middle Ages could be indicated. Such, at all events, was my aim, but I am far from sure of my success in carrying it out; and I offer this book merely as a discursive and popular treatment of a subject which seems to me of great interest. The book has suffered from one unhappy circumstance. It was planned in collaboration with my friend Mr.

While at Canterbury he heard of the arrival of ships at Dover, and thither he journeyed to see whether they had brought anything in his way. He found on board plenty of books, among them one containing the complete Testaments. —W. of Malmesbury, Ang. , ii. 21. Aldhelm at length became abbot of Malmesbury (c. 675), and under him it grew to much greater eminence, and attracted a large number of students. Here, in the solitude of the forest tract, he passed his time in singing merry ballads to win the ear of the people for his more serious words, playing the harp, in teaching, and in reading the considerable library he had at hand.

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