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By C. L. Seow

ISBN-10: 0687157862

ISBN-13: 9780687157860

A number one grammar of biblical Hebrew.

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Translate the following into English: i1'~):;] T : (Prov r2) i1~'l 1'P-l ll~Otl? Q. :::liJtnv~~ 6. Q $ ~. t. ~,i1 lJ,)i:l 8. ll 0,910-? l) lJ,"}~~ I e. Read Ps 146:s-1o out loud and translate vv 6-10 with the help of a dictionary and these notes. Notes: The passage begins in v s: "How fortunate is the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in YHWH his God ... :;>-n~1 and all that is in them. one who sets free. definite, even though the definite article is not present. The absence of the article in poetic Hebrew is, in fact, quite typical (see Excursus D).

L$ land c. Words normally stressed on the ult~a may have their accent re tracted to the penultima. )ilJ' ~N7~' ~N5~' : T < T • ~~~tp: -; -t u •. rl' ~ ... \ • •• T ;< • • ~~~np: f"'(fl J Sometimes a strong dages is found)not because the form itself requires it, but for smoother reading. ,. ~ and . ~ fruit '~tl '~tl half ,,;; sickness I '7:;J, where the . - I ''n ' 1 'l J T! _(instead of the sewa:J) before a stressed syllable in a pau~al position. This rule applies to monosyllabic nouns, as well as to disyllabic nouns stressed on the penultima.

Noun: il¥1 evil, harm the river, Euphrates = the Euphrates river (I Chron 5:9) :2~1 a man, an Egyptian= an Egyptian man (Exod 2:II) hungry. Noun: hungry YtV1 T T wicked, criminal Pro per Names: Ci11:lN T T: - Jf'~~ Abraham Jacob :2¥1 famine, hunger. Verb: :2~1 to be 76 I Lesson VII Exercise 7 I 77 Exercise 7 v I7: DQ~ a. Translate the following into Hebrew: I. a holy nation 2. v I 9: 8. famine in the city G) a little city Io. US) b. Translate the following into English: tr,ht:t7 7· 2. C'~tl C'ij7~ 8.

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